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Only Ethikal is now Available in Arabic and English!

The K in Only Ethikal

It is a short story!

We started Only Ethikal in order to give a kick start to some much needed conversations regarding sustainability, slow fashion and ethics. We curate brands and designers who create quality designs and use only ethical methods of production. During our onboarding process we spend a lot of time understanding the core values, beliefs and ethics of a brand and ensure that they line with core values of being an Ethical brand.

We always knew we wanted to be a brand associated with products that are only Ethically made. 

Honestly, we did not have much time to think of a name, as we wanted to ensure that we get ourselves a website quickly. When we found that the domain name for “only ethical” was already taken, we were disappointed - what next?.

Call it being clever or having a Eureka moment - the idea to switch the ‘c’ in only ethiCal to a ‘k’ - came through after some midnight brainstorming and it was an instant favorite. We hoped that this would make no difference to the message we wanted to send out. That is the story of the name ‘Only Ethikal’. 

We now love the ‘K’ factor even more and we hope you are liking it too!


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