About Us

At Only Ethikal, we have made a choice to start a conversation about ethical and sustainable fashion in every shopper’s wardrobe. We aim to make this possible through our online shop where you can find brands from a selection of designers, who have been creating quality designs with their innovative and creative techniques in producing ethical fashion.

As we move forward, our vision is to bring you unique products for every occasion in life, made by handpicked artisans and designers from all over the world. We aim to provide selection of clothes and accessories that will make it comfortable for everyone to chose ethically produced fashion wear.

The brands that we represent produce their designs using natural materials, rescued fabrics, using skilled artisans with modern or traditional techniques and guarantees fair wages in a healthy working enviroment. We strongly believe that everything should be produced ethically and sustainably, and we are looking out for a future where this is not a “choice” that we have to make.

Why Ethical Fashion?

Today, fashion is the second most polluter of the world, which is second to oil. Many fashion brands have created an artificial demand for “wear and throw” at a price, that in reality, costs “us” our planet, dries up rivers, causes toxic pollution to waters, and creates modern slavery and non sustainable societies.

We had many incidents that have raised serious concerns about the way fashion is conducted today. One recent incident is the collapse of Rana Plaza in Bangladesh in 2013 taking lives of 1,138 people and another 2,500 people injured. This complex was housing five garment factories for various global brands. When a brand wants to sell its products at an unrealistically low price, they impose pressure on the manufacturers to squeeze the  cost of manufacturing. This means the manufacturers are forced into adopting unhealthy, most of the time life threatening, practices to keep the costs low. This is when we have unholy disasters like Rana Plaza. 

Being part of Fashion Revolution     

The incident at Rana Plaza gave birth to Fashion Revolution, an organisation that is working towards creating a radical change in the way fashion industry is working today. The Fashion Revolution Organisation aims to create awareness about the lack of and the need to have values for people, the environment, creativity and profit in equal measure in the fashion industry. Only Ethikal is fortunate to be working along with Fashion Revolution, to spread this message and we endeavor to achieve this purpose through the collections we have curated on our website.

Our Commitment

We are committed to work only with brands, who are already bringing the required radical change in the fashion industry with their designs and methods of production. We encourage everyone to ask, “Who made my clothes?” , “What materials have been used to produce the cloth?” and our most favorite “What is the story behind this piece?”. Through, Only Ethikal, we want to define fashion with the story that it has to narrate, giving it a purpose and not just a trend.

As manufacturers, retailers and consumers we all have a choice to make, for the love of fashion and our planet home. A very famous quote by Emma Watson, an actress and an advocate for ethical fashion, is very clear about the most powerful choice – “As consumers, we have so much power to change the world by just being careful in what we buy.”

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