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Our Promise


Our clothes and accessories are manufactured using organic cotton procured from units that are certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). We also have designs that are made from textile waste or from donations of excess fabric produced by garment manufacturers. Why do we need to use natural materials? So that we can avoid harmful agricultural pesticides used for cultivating fabric materials, and when we chose an up cycled/ recycled fabric we can also stop contributing to the landfills.

Our products creates opportunities for local craftsmen who use traditional and modern ways of weaving, block printing and embroidering. They are also trained to be up to date with the latest methods of cloth making in the most efficient way. Here, everyone involved are completely invested in the details of the entire process. Why do we need quality designs? So, that the designs are timeless and we can use and reuse it for the longest time.

All the brands that we represent are committed to fair trade, this means they do not practice forced labour, they pay fair and living wages, provide healthy working environment, do not employ children and empower people to make a good living. Why do we need fair trade policy in fashion? It is very unfortunate that sometimes the obvious needs to emphasized. “There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness”- as quoted by Mahatma Gandhi.

We are also working with brands who have been set up to make a difference in people’s lives working for them. They have been created with the sheer purpose of setting people free by educating, employing and finding resources to make a difference for those trapped in unholy circumstances of life. What is our purpose? At Only Ethikal, we have a purpose to bring to you timeless designs that are comfortable and unique, made by free hands with love for the planet and fashion.

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