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1% of 2024 revenue will be contributed to Tarahum - for Gaza through Emirates Red Crescent


At Only Ethikal we curate clothes and accessories that are manufactured using natural fabrics like organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, linen and much more. We also have designs that are made from textile waste or from donations of excess fabric produced by garment manufacturers. Why do we need to use natural materials? To avoid harmful agricultural pesticides used for cultivating fabric materials, and when we chose an up cycled/ recycled fabric we can also stop contributing to the landfills.


Our products creates opportunities for local craftsmen in different parts of the world who use traditional and modern ways of weaving, block printing and embroidering. They are also trained to be up to date with the latest methods of cloth making in the most efficient way. Here, everyone involved are completely invested in the details of the entire process. Why do we need quality designs? So, that the designs are timeless and we can use and reuse it for the longest time.

Fair working conditions

All the brands that we represent are committed to fair trade, this means they do not practice forced labour, they pay fair and living wages, provide healthy working environment, do not employ children and empower people to make a good living. Why do we need fair trade policy in fashion? It is very unfortunate that sometimes the obvious needs to emphasized.

Our packaging

At Only Ethikal, we are very careful with our packaging materials.

We use compostable bag made with corn starch. This is not plastic and composts easily into the nature.
Our cotton canvas bag is Upcycled from fabric waste by a community of women.

Made to Order

80% of the styles listed on our website are made to order.

This helps us to control the waste that comes with unwanted and excess production of inventory.

Carbon offset

We have been working with DHL since 2020 to reach our international customers. We are working with DHL to offset logistics related emissions for couriers managed by them.

More details about the programs on how the carbon offset will be done is available.

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Our contribution

We are a proud member of 1 percent planet since 2020 and we have been contributing to environmental or humanitarian cause since then.

1% of our revenue goes to an approved organisation every year.


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