Zoom Stripe Pants - Ethical made fashion - onlyethikal
Zoom Stripe Pants - Ethical made fashion - onlyethikal

Stripe Pants

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Straight easy fit stripe pants.

Aavidi believes in less is more, and promotes a sustainable and minimalist lifestyle. Buying an Aavidi piece can be viewed as an investment rather than a simple piece of clothing as these designs will hang in your closet for a long time.  Aavidi wants to reach as many people as they can through their innovative designs and encourage people to be more responsible and eco friendly. Every piece at Aavidi is made with sustainable fabrics and love and with a hope that it will put a smile on our your face.

Material: Handspun, handwoven cotton fabric

Color:  Off-White with grey stripes

Fitting: Regular

Care Instruction:

  • Dry clean
  • Or Hand wash separately

Size Chart

Length: 30"


Bust Waist Hip
XS 34
36 38
S 14 14.5 15
M 45 45 45
L 3,4,5 3,4,5 3,4,5
XL 17 17 17
XXL 24 24 24


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