Zoom Snail Dress - onlyethikal
Zoom Snail Dress - onlyethikal
Zoom Snail Dress - onlyethikal
Zoom Snail Dress - onlyethikal

Snail Dress

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If the Snail isn't your idea of pretty, what if we told you that Cupid owes the Snail one? We won't be slow to get to the point! Truth is, the Snail uses love darts when dating another Snail. A love dart is a sharp calcareous dart that is fired into the shell of another Snail to woo him or her. Now you know where Cupid got the idea for his bow and arrow! You also know that our Snail dress inspired by this loveable creature is sure to win hearts wherever you may go.

Niraa, uses handloom fabrics which are produced sustainably and ethically in different parts of India. No plastics are being used and no trees have been cut down for paper. They use post-consumption recycled paper and completely avoid plastic. Niraa as a brand, promotes fair trade and ethical methods of production.

Material: Blend of Eri silk and mercerized cotton

Colour: Pale Yellow

Care: Bucket wash in cold water separately with gentle care |
shade dry

- Iron inside out.

Length of the garment: 41"

Size chart:

S 36 32 36
M 38 34 38
L 40 36 40

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