Zoom Monogram Pearl Earrings Droplets - onlyethikal
Zoom Monogram Pearl Earrings Droplets - onlyethikal

Monogram Pearl Earrings Droplets

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The letters come together and intertwine with the timeless natural pearl offering infinite combinations for seamless mixing and matching.
Handcrafted with the labor of love on brass with 18 ct gold electroplating, the design has its own unique story that is timeless and ever-present. It’s a sure shot to elevate any occasion.

Biori is an evolving contemporary brand of unique, handcrafted, ethical fashion jewelry created by artisans in sustainable communities across India and Eastern Europe. Through their Design, Story, and Projects, they relentlessly work towards raising the awareness of design-led craftsmanship expanding internationally while staying true to their ethical and philanthropic roots.

Material: Pearl, Brass with 18 ct electro-gold plating

Dimensions: 3.5 inches

Care Instructions:

  • Use a soft cotton cloth to polish your beaded jewels, wipe body oils, makeup and hair spray from jewelry after each wearing.

  • Put jewelry on after bathing, applying body lotions, perfume, and hair spray to avoid build-up and damage from ingredients used in beauty products.

  • Store your jewelry in a dry, compartmentalized jewelry box or container or pouches to avoid dry rot and tarnish.

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